The plugin mReports enables reporting of the course completion of departments. In addition supervisors can view the course completion of their employees. Along with Moodle’s own course-based reports it is easy to monitor the course completion status of a specific department or a team.

mReports is available for managers and supervisors in the block “Managing tools”.

Note that mReports include only the courses which have the completion tracking on. 


Features of mReports


Manager view


mreports manager
  • Search users
    • enables searching users based on their first or last name
    • the user list contains a link to the person’s course completion status
    • for supervisors also a link to their team listing will be shown
  • Summary
    • shows how many students have completed a course and how many are in the middle of completion
    • generates reports including the whole organization
    • enables the grouping of results in different ways (department, institution, city etc.)
    • enables listing of users in a specific group
Summary view
  • Cohort summary
    • lists the size of the cohort and how many of the cohort members have completed the course as well as their percentage 
    • "All cohorts" lists all the cohorts in the system 
    • By choosing a specific cohort the course completion of the cohort members will be shown 
  • Download as CSV
    • generates a CSV file which shows users in the same way as in the summary listing
    • enables including several courses in the same report
    • enables defining and reporting a specific period of time during which users have enrolled in or completed the course
  • Activities
    • shows all the activities with the completion tracking on within a category as well as their accomplishments
    • enables filtering by city/town and cohort


Supervisor view


mreports supervisor
  • My team's completions by employee
    • lists all the employees of a supervisor as well as the summary of their course completion status
    • enables listing of the courses of a single employee
  • My team's completions by course
    • shows the course completion of the employees by activities
    • shows the number of attempts for Quiz and Scorm activities